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The Top Ten Deadliest Enemies in Skyrim are listed as follows.
  1. Dragon Priest
  2. Ancient Dragon
  3. Draugr Death Overlord
  4. Giant
  5. Arch-Mage
  6. Chaurus Reaper
  7. Wispmother
  8. Dremora Valkynaz
  9. Dwarven Centurion Master
  10. Falmer Shadowmaster

I would actually say that the wispmother should be replaced by something else, maybe mammoths, because the wispmothers don't do too much damage apart from their insane amount of HP. I also think that the daedras should be somewhere higher up there. -Gemgamer

  • We would replace Ancient Dragon with Legendary Dragon and also add Alduin. Giants, (and their Mammoths) are not all that deadly as one can easily outrun them, and could be dropped from the list.DarthOrc (talk) 15:36, July 26, 2012 (UTC)
  • First of all I think Giants should be replaced by mammoths. Also at low to mid levels Bandit Chiefs can be quite hard and even at a high level they can be a challenge. I agree that wispmothers are to high. It they should still be on the list maybe swapped with Falmer or Centurion. Giants should be swapped with the Dremora. Also personally I found the Alduin fight a bit of a let down. He was just to easy to kill so I wouldn't add him in because compared to what bosses are usually like so no I wouldn't have Alduin.- by a wiki contributer.
  • I have no idea how this list was concieved, firstly why are volkihar mastter vampires not on here? they are easily more dangerous than wispmothers or giants, additionally, Arch-Mages deserve to be higher than a dragon priest, they attack with the same spells, but the mages attack far quicker and can heal themselves. Forsworn Briarhearts also should be in the top 10, as their melee damage output is tremendous. Additionally, Draugr Deathlords which use ebony bows are certainly more dangerous than Draugr Death Overlords, as their arrows do as much (if not more) damage as a 2h weapon in the hands of a overlord, and they do not 'waste' their shout with 'frost breath' instead only using unrelenting force which is more deadly and recharges faster.Finally, wispmothers are incredibly weak, how the heck did they make on the list when just about any levelled enemy's highest tier is stronger than them (e.g bandits, falmer, even town guards).
  • lets see if this is any better, 1. legendary dragons, 2. Arch-mage, 3. draugr death overlord, 4. master volkihar vampire, 5. daedra lord, 6. dragon priest, 7. dwarven centurion master, 8. giant, 9. chaurus hunter, 10. troll. i would guess 11 would be the falmer shadowmaster. i dont know about anyone else, but i think this one is much more improved. 7Y13R 02:21, August 2, 2012 (UTC)relite25
  • How about this list (without any Dawnguard because I play on PS3 and it still hasn't been released yet!) 10. Mammoth 9. Chaurus Reaper 8. Dwarven Centurion Master 7. Hagraven (when with other forsworn) 6. Dremora Lord 5. Draugr Death Overlord 4. Dragon Priest 3. Ancient Dragon 2. Volkihar Master Vampire 1. Arch-Mage Note I play as a Mage so that is how I see it.
  • Till now the most deadly encounter for me was a duo : a high level farmer (not sure of the prefix) combined with a farmer (strong version one). They were much worst than any boss i defeated. With 70 sneak and all the sneak perks + armor perk and silence boots they spotted me 20 meters afar, they cannot be kited since they go faster than an unarmored toon with 100/300 euncumbrance. I actually had to tune the difficulty down to go out that place. First time i did it in 25 levels.