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im doin the dawnguard quest as a vampire lord. im up to the part where serana asks you to meet her at the docks to continue the 'Chasing Echos" quests. but evertime i talk to her she tells me Well, I don't just take anyone... Get rid of this interloper and you and I can be on our way. I'll wait for you at the dock." my problem is there is no one following me or anyone that i am aware of. is anyone else having this problem? if so have you solved it? i can't continue my quest, im stuck for now

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Get rid of your companion, she replaces your companion ;)

That includes ditching your partner if you're married. I too was stuck with the 'Get rid of this interloper' before travelling back to Solitude and parting ways with Jordis (my wife). Then Serana was happy to take me along.

Or simply type in the console before talking to her: set playerfollowercount to 0