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Fossilized Giant Mudcrab

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Fossilized Giant Mudcrab
Giant Mudcrab
Fossilized Giant Mud Crab MAP
Hold Whiterun Hold
Location West of Broken Fang Cave and directly southwest of Gjukar's Monument
Quests Kyne's Sacred Trials
Enemies Mudcrabs
Main article: Unmarked Locations (Skyrim)

Fossilized Giant Mudcrab is an unmarked location found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

This small pond is located between Broken Fang Cave and Gjukar's Monument. It contains a giant fossilized mudcrab and several normal living mudcrabs of different sizes.

Next to the pond is a small den that contains a searchable skeleton body as well as a sword and shield.


During the quest "Kyne's Sacred Trials", the Dragonborn is asked to kill the Guardian Mudcrab. The Guardian Mudcrab is far larger than a normal Mudcrab and it will spawn at this location, suggesting that it is the spirit of the fossilized giant mudcrab.


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