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Four Skull Lookout

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Ruinsicon Four Skull Lookout
Four Skull Lookout
Skyrim map Four Skull Lookout
Hold The Reach
Location South of Karthwasten
Type Ruins
Quests Destruction Ritual Spell
Bounty Quests
Characters None
Enemies Bandits

Four Skull Lookout is an ancient Nordic ruin found in Skyrim.


Four Skull Lookout is an above ground ruins and lookout point overlooking the Karth River valley. It is a large stone structure with a single room with a domed roof. It is on top of a cliff south of Karthwasten and east of Markarth. Local bandits have set up camp here.

Outside the back door is a pedestal. There is a stone lookout point with a Shrine of Zenithar to the southwest.

It is the objective of one of the bounty quests that can be obtained in Markarth. This is also a part of Destruction Ritual Spell quest.


Destruction Ritual SpellEdit

This is the final location of the pedestals.



  • There is a silver ore vein out back.
  • There is a birds' nest out back tucked under a ledge, which contains a Pine Thrush Egg.
  • It is one of the few ruins in the Reach that is not inhabited with Forsworn (Levelled Bandits replaced them)


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  • If the lookout has been cleared before, the bandits do not respawn which makes it impossible to complete the bounty quest. The quest may be completed by the typing the console command Setstage bq01 100. The loot in the chest respawns normally (seems to be patched, at least on Xbox)


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