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Francois Motierre is a Breton commoner who lives in Chorrol. His house is left of Arborwatch in Chorrol and is protected with a Hard lock.



The Assassinated ManEdit

Because the Dark Brotherhood requires a death for every contract, Motierre offered his mother in hopes that a Dark Brotherhood assassin would protect him from an Argonian enforcer named Hides-His-Heart, by striking him with a specially poisoned knife named the Languorwine Blade, mimicking death and fooling the enforcer.

After being poisoned and warding off Hides-His-Heart without killing him, the Motierre must be revived using a Langourwine Antidote. His sleeping body is on display in the Chapel of Stendarr's undercroft, which can only be accessed during the quest.


  • Before the quest "The Assassinated Man," if Motierre is spoken with, he first says, "You... You're not the one Lachance was talking about! Please... Please, don't kill me! You can take anything you like, then just leave!" After that, he says, "Please, just take what you want and leave! I won't call the guards, I swear!" and repeats it until the Dark Brotherhood quest.


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