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From the Wastes is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.



Part 1Edit

  • Talk to the Wise Woman
  • Collect Pouch of Aloe Extract
  • Collect Bag of Lavender Oil
  • Collect Poppy Extract
  • Collect Alchemical Draught (12)

Part 2Edit

  • Enter Iliath Temple
  • Talk to Farseer Tirinaat
  • Use the draughts on Dying soldiers
  • Talk to Curate Brethis



Renegade Kagesh Ashlanders besiege Iliath Temple. A Kagesh wise woman needs help diffusing the hostilities.

A scout of the Kagesh tribe me me as I passed Iliath Temple. He explained the situation and asked me to meet the wise woman of his tribe. She's at her encampment east of the temple.


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