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For other uses, see Frossel.

Frossel is a cave located on the island of Solstheim, north northwest of the Skaal Village. It has been taken over by Rieklings.


Hilund's SpearsEdit

Frossel is a good location to find Riekling spears for Hilund.


Notable itemsEdit



  • Several Riekling will jump out of barrels when approached.
  • In the third chamber, a group of Rieklings are bowing/praying to a horse-drawn cart complete with a horse made of snow "pulling" it.
  • This may be a reference to Uncle Sweetshare from Morrowind's Bloodmoon DLC.
  • A hut is in the room on the far east side of the cave past the claw trap. To the right of the hut there is a box. To the right of the box there is an East Empire Company Strongbox sitting on the ground.
  • The Dragonborn can encounter a Reaver in the wilderness who will mention a Riekling invasion of Frossel, who took their treasure, at which point the Reaver will become hostile and attack.


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