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Frost Dragon
Frost dragon
Basic Info
Level 30
Health-icon 1860
Spells/Abilities "Fo" shout
Soul Size Dragon Soul
For other types of dragons, see Dragons (Skyrim).

Frost Dragons are creatures in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Frost dragons are light grey in color with darker patterns and are adorned with large black spines that run from just behind the head to the tail. Frost dragons' tails are tipped with spade-like protrusions, similar to those of brown dragons.

Battle behaviorEdit

As their name suggests, they use the Frost Breath shout (as opposed to Fire Breath which other Dragons often use), which drains the Stamina of their enemies and may slow them down.  Also, they may appear in groups of two. Frost dragons have a 25% weakness to fire.

Nords and vampires have a great advantage against frost dragons due to their native frost resistance.



Frost Dragon.
TombRaiserAdded by TombRaiser
  • Frost Dragons may appear in weaker form before a player reaches level 30. An example of this is at Sky Haven Temple. Players who reach this location before the quest "Alduin's Wall" have been known to encounter weak versions of Frost Dragons, named simply Dragon. In some instances, the dragon encountered at Sky Haven Temple is named Frost Dragon explicitly. There is evidence of there being Frost Dragons in the fact that they primarily use Fo (Frost) attacks, and the spikes on their backs.



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* PC   Sometimes even when the Dragonborn defeats one of these Dragons, there soul may not be absorbed.


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