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For other types of dragons, see Dragons (Skyrim).

Frost Dragons are creatures in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Frost Dragons possess a rather similar appearance to the Brown Dragon. They are, however, larger, even more so than the Blood Dragon, with an even larger, more noticeable row of spines on their backbone.

They have a white colored body, with mixes of black and grey all over the body. Lastly, their tails go back to the more primitive design of the Brown Dragon, with a spaded tip, albeit larger.


As their name suggests, they use Frost Breath (as opposed to Fire Breath which other Dragons often use), which drains the Stamina of their enemies and may slow them down.  Also, they may appear in groups of two. Frost dragons have a 25% weakness to fire. It is not recommended to engage in melee combat since it only needs 2-4 bites to easily kill the player if they have weak armor on and/or have put minimal perks into health. The best weapons to use against a Frost Dragon include: a bow that is enchanted with fire damage, Firebolt, Fireball, a Staff of Firebolt/Fireball, or Fire Breath.

Nords and Vampires have a great advantage against frost dragons due to their natural frost resistance.




Frost Dragon.

  • Frost Dragons may appear in weaker form before a player reaches level 30. An example of this is at Sky Haven Temple. Players who reach this location before the quest Alduin's Wall have been known to encounter weak versions of Frost Dragons, named simply Dragon. In some instances, the dragon encountered at Sky Haven Temple is named Frost Dragon explicitly. There is evidence of there being Frost Dragons in the fact that they primarily use Frost Breath, and the spikes on their backs.



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