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Frost Dragon
Frost dragon
Basic Info
Level 30
Health-icon 1860
Spells/Abilities "Fo" shout
Soul Size Dragon Soul
For other types of dragons, see Dragons (Skyrim).

Frost Dragons are creatures in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Frost Dragons are a light gray color with darker gray patterning. They are adorned with massive protruding black spikes from the back of their neck down to their tail. Frost Dragons have the basic spade-shaped tail tip, similar to a Brown Dragon Though it they seems to be slightly larger than it.

Battle behavior

They use Fo (frost) attacks on the player which drains their Stamina, slows them down and causes injuries. They have the same Strength as the standard Fire Dragon. Also, they are commonly known to appear in numbers of two. Frost Dragons have a 25% weakness to fire.

Nords and vampires have a great advantage against frost dragons due to their latent frost resistance.

If a Frost Dragon lands to attack and cannot reach its target, once it has finished its breath attack, it crawls along the ground, covering ground quicker than standard or Blood Dragons.



Frost Dragon.
TombRaiserAdded by TombRaiser
  • Frost Dragons may appear in weaker form before a player reaches level 30. An example of this is at Sky Haven Temple. Players who reach this location before the quest "Alduin's Wall" have been known to encounter weak versions of Frost Dragons, named simply Dragon. In some instances, the dragon encountered at Sky Haven Temple is named Frost Dragon explicitly. There is evidence of there being Frost Dragons in the fact that they primarily use Fo (Frost) attacks, and the spikes on their backs.
  • A weaker form may appear with the name "Frost Dragon" which makes use of the Fo attack primarily, with a very nasty critical bite too.



  •  PC   360   PS3  Some Frost Dragons fly off into the distance, or air, when the Dragonrend shout is applied to them.
  •  PC   360   PS3  Sometimes, Frost Dragons do not supply Dragon Souls.
  •  360    PS3   Sometimes, the Frost Dragon appears as a basic greyish-green dragon model, lacking facial features, spines, or scales. It reverts to its normal texture after it has been defeated.
  •  PS3   Sometimes, when you use Dragonrend and it lands on a Word Wall, it might glitch and become invincible; if you come back later, it will not be glitched, but you will absorb its soul while it's alive.
  • Sometimes, when fighting Frost Dragons not in a specific area, such as a Word Wall, firing a bow with a Frost Enchantment may make the Frost Dragon glow bright blue, even after death.
  • The frost breath used by this dragon currently only uses half of the sound effect.
  • A Frost Dragon encountered at Boethiah's Shrine appeared to be essential; when it lost all of its health it merely flew off and returned later with restored health.
  • Like other Dragons, it sometimes may randomly spawn on, or near, the player.
    • Fix for PC: Go into the console commands and click the body. Type in markfordelete and it will be erased for good.


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