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Frost Giant

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Frost Giant
Frost Giant
Basic Info
Level 50
Health-icon 1039
MagickaIcon 0
Stamina 446
DamageIcon 65
Resistance Resist Frost 100%
Loot Giant's Toe, Paragon, various loot
Soul Size Greater
Base ID xx00E25A

Frost Giants are rare creatures that seem to be native to the Forgotten Vale, though there have been individuals on the island of Solstheim. During the quest Touching the Sky in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard, five can be encountered in specific locations in the Forgotten Vale. The Frost Giant Karstaag appears during the quests Hircine's Hunt (Bloodmoon) and Summoning Karstaag (Dragonborn). 


Frost Giants stand between 11 and 12 feet tall. They have a bluish white color, horned head with four blue eyes and troll-like hands and feet. Their deep breathing often gives their presence away, as with their non-Frost cousins and Trolls. Otherwise, they are similar to other giants.


Frost Giants are typically passive like ordinary Giants, but are fiercely territorial and won't hesitate to attack anything that ventures too close or poses a threat. As Frost varieties, they are noticeably more powerful than their relatives. After being killed, they will not respawn.

Notable itemsEdit

Each carries a unique Jeweled Paragon in its inventory.

Locations (Dawnguard)Edit

There are five Frost Giants located throughout the Forgotten Vale, each carrying a different variety of Paragon. See the Touching the Sky page and each of the Paragons' pages for more information on locating them. The guidelines below do not list them in order of appearance during the quest.

  • Ruby Paragon - Found in a side room near the entrance of the Inner Sanctum. The paragon is behind a door that can only be opened with the Initiate's Ewer to the right of the Giant.
  • Diamond Paragon - After passing all the way through Glacial Crevice and rejoining the Forgotten Vale (into a "Falmer city" area), immediately turn left and follow a path uphill. At the very top of the path should be the Giant roaming around a glade. Note that this path is immediately to the left upon exiting the Glacial Crevice.
  • Amethyst Paragon - While heading north-west from Prelate Celegriath and the Wayshrine of Learning (heading along the right-hand bank of the unfrozen lake towards its northernmost tip), there's the Giant that drops this Paragon on the right-hand bank in front of the end waterfall.
  • Sapphire Paragon - At the northernmost tip of the unfrozen lake (see directions for the Amethyst Paragon above), between two of the waterfalls is a very steep path that leads to the north-west. This will lead to the Wayshrine of Resolution; see the Sapphire Paragon's page for more information on how to reach it.
  • Emerald Paragon - This can be found in two places: either up in a Falmer Camp atop the deep canyon north of the Wayshrine of Resolution, or on a Frost Giant's corpse, south of (and on the opposite side to) Sharpslope Cave.

Unique Frost GiantsEdit


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