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Frostmere Crypt is an ancient Nordic tomb in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Located southwest of Dawnstar, close to the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon and also directly south from Mzinchaleft, this dungeon is accessed during the quest The Pale Lady. It has two parts: Frostmere Crypt and Frostmere Depths. Within the latter is a Word Wall for the Dragon Shout Ice Form.


The tomb is dominated by the Pale Lady, a named Wispmother, which can make this tomb difficult at lower levels. If the Pale Lady is defeated, the player can obtain the Pale Blade, a unique one-handed Ancient Nord Sword. However, rather than defeat her, the Dragonborn can "banish" her by placing the Pale Blade back on the altar. It is possible to return later and reclaim the sword, although removing it from the altar will once again summon the Pale Lady, who must be defeated if the Dragonborn wishes to keep the blade.

As well as several obvious chests (some with various lock strengths) scattered around the Crypt, there are two hidden chests: one, Master-locked and located in Frostmere Depths, can be found by heading left just before the altar and following the path around; the second (Adept-locked) can be found in the submerged room after exiting Frostmere Depths. It is located at the bottom of the room, next to a table which has a leveled weapon on it (there is also a piece of leveled armor within this room). At higher levels, it may be possible to locate the spell tomes Summon Dremora Lord and Lightning Bolt in this dungeon. Other possible items include soul gems, gold and several books.

A variety of alchemical ingredients including torchbugs, mountain flowers, wisp wrappings and glow dust can be found around the areas.

The Crypt itself is fairly straightforward to navigate and contains only a couple of traps (including an arrow trap in the hallway leading to the submerged room). The only enemies encountered within the dungeon are leveled bandits and the Pale Lady. Note: Frostmere Crypt is, quite possibly, the only Ancient Nordic ruin that doesn't contain draugr.


The Pale LadyEdit

This tomb serves as the location in which the quest takes place.

Shalidor's InsightsEdit

Frostmere Crypt is a possible location for the Shalidor's Insights book.


Frostmere DepthsEdit


Notable itemsEdit


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