"Father says I'm too young to train with a sword, so I practice with my fists!"


Frothar is a Nord child and the eldest son of Balgruuf the Greater, and, as such, is in line to become Jarl of Whiterun, as he is still too young for the position.


He can be seen walking around in Dragonsreach. He has a half-brother named Nelkir and a sister named Dagny.

Unlike his siblings, he doesn't make any condescending comments towards the Dragonborn. In fact, he only makes one comment at all, and that is about himself.


Dagny's dressEdit

Dagny: "I'm so angry, I can hardly stand it! Father promised me a new dress days ago, now where is it?"
Frothar: "It takes a while to make a dress, Dagny. You have to be patient."
Dagny: "But I don't want to be patient! I want my dress right now! Father promised!"
Frothar: "All you ever do is complain about what you want. You're a spoiled baby."
Dagny: "I'm going to tell father you said that. He'll tan your hide for sure!"


Frothar has an unusually small amount of dialogue; he has only one unique line, other than his conversation with his sister. What is even more unusual is that he does not say any of the generic quotes that most other NPCs say, such as "Yes?", "Hmm?", "What do you need?", etc. The only thing he says is, "Father says I'm too young to train with a sword, so I practice with my fists!" However, during the "Battle for Whiterun" for the Stormcloaks, he will say, "Please! Have mercy... I beg you..."


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  •  360   PS3   Sometimes, after satisfying the Ebony Blade given by the Whispering Lady, Frothar can be seen running from the Whiterun gate as if escaping the city. He gives no other dialogue other than, "Hi there!" at this point.
  •  PC   PS3   If Frothar has been hit with Firebolt he will not react.
  •  PC   360   Frothar will stand still and repeat the dialogue, "You need to leave..." and "Hey, Get out of here!"


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