Not to be confused with Fultheim the Fearless.
"Hadring got himself another customer, eh?"

Fultheim is a Nord who stays at the Nightgate Inn. He possesses a Blades Sword. The inkeeper Hadring explains that Fultheim is at the inn "drinking away a lifetime of bad memories." He will attack the Last Dragonborn if he is approached while wearing a set of Thalmor Robes.


Recipe for DisasterEdit

The Dragonborn may ask him about the Orsimer Balagog gro-Nolob, who also resides at the inn. Fultheim comments on how Balagog "likes people, and wants to talk, but stays separate because he is supposed to."


"What do you want?"

Do you come here a lot? "You see any other inns around here? Where else would I go to drink?"
What do you know about the Orc? "Well he don't like company, I can tell you that much. Just wants to be left alone. But no... that's not really it. It's like... he wants to talk. Likes people and all. But he stays separate, because he's supposed to. Kind of sad, really."

"Sure, walk away. I wasn't talking or anything..."


  • "The beds and beer are both lousy, you ask me."