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Not to be confused with Fultheim the Fearless.

Fultheim is a Nord who stays at the Nightgate Inn. He possesses a Blades Sword. The inkeeper Hadring explains that Fultheim is at the inn "drinking away a lifetime of bad memories."


Recipe for DisasterEdit

The Dragonborn may ask him about the Orsimer Balagog gro-Nolob, who also resides at the inn. Fultheim comments on how Balagog "likes people, and wants to talk, but stays separate because he is supposed to."


  • Fultheim is implied to be a former member of the Blades due to his possession of a Blades Sword and Hadring's remark of him "drinking away a lifetime of bad memories."
    • This theory is implied to be true as Fultheim will turn hostile and attack if the Dragonborn wears full Thalmor apparel (robes, boots, gloves, etc.),


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