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Main article: Armor Sets (Oblivion)
For other uses, see Fur Armor.

Fur Armor is the weakest armor in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, though it is also the lightest. It is made out of animal furs, and is very common.


Available from level one, it is commonly found early on bandits and highwaymen, and on some NPCs.

Attributes by pieceEdit

Piece ArmorIcon WeightIcon Health-icon GoldIcon ID
Fur Helmet 2 1 50 20 00024768
Fur Cuirass 5 5 100 45 00024766
Fur Gauntlets 2 1 50 10 00024765
Fur Greaves 3 3 75 10 00024764
Fur Boots 2 1 50 10 00024767
Fur Shield 2 2 75 35 00025056
Total (with shield) 16 13 400 130
Total (without shield) 14 11 325 95


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