"What? Today, of all days? What was it about today that made the spirits become so restless?"
―Furon Rii[src]

Furon Rii is a Dunmer member of the Ebonheart Pact. He is part of the team of mages investigating the presence of Chimer spirits in the Starved Plain.


Through the AftermathEdit

Sergeant Rhorlak will ask the Hero to speak with Furon and Reesa on how to best deal with the spirits haunting the plain. Both Furon and his brother feel the best thing to do is to use magic to bind the ghosts to the Ebonheart Pact cause. The Vestige will need to either side with them, or go with Reesa's plan to free the spirits. If siding with Reesa, both brothers will become upset, feeling that the ghosts could have been a great asset to the war effort.

Wayward SonEdit

If the Brothers are sided with, Furon will later ask for help involving his brother. His brother has joined a "circle of mages" that he feels are not to be trusted.

When told his brother has joined a cult that is sacrificing Pact troops, he will be horrified and notify his superiors.