"I hate meeting new people when I'm not at my best. Is my hair all right? Are my robes on straight?"
―Gabrielle Benele[src]

Gabrielle Benele is a Breton mage and a member of the Mages Guild residing in the Lion Guard Redoubt, Glenumbra. The Vestige first encounters her in the crypt at Merovec's Folly.


Daggerfall Covenant QuestsEdit

The Lion Guard's StandEdit

To hold back Angof's undead army, the Lion Guard built a redoubt on a hill outside Cath Bedraud. As they struggle to find a way to breach Angof's defenses, they have to fend off hordes of Bloodthorn cultists and zombie thralls.

Mastering the TalismanEdit

The Wizard Gabrielle Benele asked the Vestige to help her recharge the Midnight Talisman. It could be a powerful weapon in the battle against Angof the Gravesinger.

The Impervious VaultEdit

Gabrielle Benele helps you with a ritual to help stop the Withered Hand from acquiring the Ansei Wards.

The ParleyEdit

Queen Arzhela of Evermore hires the Fighters and Mages Guild to act as her escort during the negotiations with Septima Tharn's Imperial army for the fate of Bangkorai. Gabrielle leads the delegation of mages and teleports them to the meeting point.

Coldharbour QuestsEdit

Breaking the ShackleEdit

Crossing the ChasmEdit

The Army of MeridiaEdit

The Citadel Must FallEdit

The Final AssaultEdit


Show: The Army of Meridia

"We all knew we'd be fighting for our lives and the lives of the people of Nirn when we agreed to undertake this mission. I never expected anything different."

"The Mages Guild and Fighters Guild, working together! I never thought I'd see the day! But with you helping us, I'm sure that everything will turn out fine."

Show: The Citadel Must Fall

"I never expected to be standing in Coldharbour, helping command a force of elite mages. It's every little girl's dream come true! I'm just glad you're here. We never would have gotten this far without you."

Show: The Final Assault

"The Mages Guild stands ready to do our part for this effort. I just wish I had as much confidence as Vanus Galerion. We're facing some overwhelming odds here, you know."

Vanus said you would brief me on the plan. "Molag Bal is using tactics similar to what we faced in the Chasm. He's set up a portal to move his troops around quickly. As you head in to open the Labyrinth, we need you to close that portal"
Why not send a full force? "King Dynar insists that the initial strike be fast and precise. He doesn't want the entire army getting in your way or causing Molag Bal to respond in kind. You've proven yourself time and time again. We have faith you can do this."
Do you want to accompany me on this mission? "Me? Really? I'd be honored. But I think you'd be better served with a fighter type right now. I'm sure we'll meet up somewhere along the way, though. I won't let the people of Nirn down."
I hope to see you in there. "After you disable the reinforcement portal, I'll try to catch up with you before you enter the Labyrinth. We'll stop this Planemeld together. We have to."
Show: Anvil

"Oh, hello there! We haven't spoken since Darien ... well, since that business in Coldharbour. Have we? I'm just a bit discombobulated. My mind's been somewhere else."

Gabrielle? What brings you to Anvil? "Darien, mostly. It's always Darien who ends up causing problems, isn't it? How long has it been since we defeated Molag Bal and saved Tamriel? Sorry, time's a bit fuzzy at the moment. I've had more than a few late nights."
What does you being here have to do with Darien Gautier? "I'm searching for a way to retrieve souls lost in Coldharbour or elsewhere. I'm not even sure where to start looking, but I need to start somewhere, right? Darien's out there. I just have to find him, though that's easier said than done."
You think Darien's lost in Coldharbour? "Well, Darien was with us at the end, wasn't he? Facing down Molag Bal. He didn't come back, and he didn't die, so logic suggest he returned when we did. He simply came back somewhere else. I just have to figure out where. Then I can bring him back."
Do you have any ideas? "Dozens. Hundreds! The problem with having so many ideas is that it's like those books behind me. They just pile up, and you can't possibly read all of them. So you read what you can and try to focus. This might be why I'm not getting enough sleep."
I may be able to help. I recently found a note that might be from Darien. "You what? A note from Darien? How is that possible? What did it say?"
The note mentioned The Colored Rooms. I think Darien was calling for help. "The Colored Rooms are Meridia's realm! Oh, that makes so much sense. Meridia was with us at the end, fought Molag Bal at our sides. If Darien didn't end up in Coldharbour... Yes, this helps. This helps a great deal. Now I know where to look for him!"
Are you here on behalf of the Mages Guild? "No, not really. This is more like independent research. Do you know every Mages Guild in Tamriel has differend books in its library? You'd think we'd standartize, or at least keep a lexicon. Also, they could really use some more bookshelves."
Do you plan to be here long? "Perhaps. My sister, Sara, was supposed to meet me here, but she hasn't shown up yet. She's a week late, which is unusual for her. So organized. I hope she hasn't run into any trouble. This guild sent her to Craglorn. Not the most pleasant of places."


  • Gabrielle has a sister named Sara Benele, also a member of the Mages Guild, who can be found in Craglorn.