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Gaenor's Escape is a spell in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal that removes a target's spell effect (curses, diseases, and constant effects excluded) while simultaneously letting the caster blend into the surroundings so no one can see him.


  • Dispel – 100% chance an effect is removed instantly on target.
  • Chameleon – 1% degree of concealment instantly on self.


Although this spell not intended for use by the Nerevarine, it can be acquired on the PC by using the console command:
Player -> AddSpell "gaenor_spell"


  • This spell is cast only once, during the quest called The Natural when Gaenor is attacked for the first time by the Nerevarine at the Temple Courtyard.
  • This is performed by a game script, and is not part of Gaenor's repertoire of spells.
    • Gaenor is disabled if he has 1% chameleon effect on him.

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