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Known locationEdit


You are to adhere to the following schedule:

-Morndas - Solitude, the Emperor's Tower -Morndas evening - Solitude, Castle Dour (food and sleep)

-Tirdas - Windhelm, the Palace of the Kings -Tirdas evening - Windhelm, Barracks (food and sleep)

-Middas - Riften, Mistveil Keep

-Turdas - Whiterun, Dragonsreach -Turdas evening - Whiterun, the Bannered Mare (food and sleep)

-Fredas - Markarth, Understone Keep -Fredas evening - Markarth, guard tower (food and sleep)

-Loredas & Sundas - To be spent at your discretion

-Repeat (until I have recalled you personally)

The guards and Jarls of the cities have been informed of your arrival, and will leave you to your work. Study the guard patterns, examine any entrances and exits, and make note of any irregularities.

Talk to no one - the fewer people who know about your mission, the safer the Emperor will ultimately be.



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