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For other uses, see Septim.

Galana Septim is the daughter of Emperor Uriel Septim II, and is sister to Pelagius Septim II. Originally, the Promise of Marriage between Emperor Uriel Septim II and King Mantiarco of Solitude confirmed that she was to marry King Mantiarco.[1] But in 3E 80, during a visit from the Nordic ambassador to claim King Mantiarco's promised bride, young Potema, daughter of Pelagius, overheard a discussion of the Promise.

She knew Galana was preparing for her wedding with the Duke of Narsis in Morrowind; thinking quickly, Potema crept into the Hall of Records and stole the Promise, leaving no evidence of its existence. Unfortunately for Potema, a replacement bride for King Mantiarco had to be found or millions in gold were forfeit to King Mantiarco, and so it happened that two years later, at age 14, she herself was wed to the aged Mantiarco.[2] Of Galana, no further records have been found.


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