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Gallows Rock

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Forticon Gallows Rock
Gallows rock
Gallows map
Hold Eastmarch
Location South-west of Windhelm
Type Fort
Sublocations None
Quests The Silver Hand
Characters None
Enemies Silver Hand
Krev the Skinner

Gallows Rock is a fort located in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is located in Eastmarch, Skyrim. A group of werewolf hunters, the Silver Hand, has made the fort one of its headquarters. Upon return to Gallows Rock some time after completing The Companions quest The Silver Hand, the fort may have reset with more enemies and loot.

The location is named after the rope noose which hangs from a rocky outcrop in the outer courtyard.

Treasure map VII leads to this fort.


Notable itemsEdit




  • Prior to the addition of the Werewolf Vargr in Dawnguard, Gallows Rock contained one of the only two hostile Werewolves in the game, the other being Sinding, should the Dragonborn choose to kill him.
  • This dungeon is an excellent source of the Alchemy ingredient Human Flesh; every werewolf corpse (including the hostile werewolf) will have one.


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