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"He was a scholar, a master thief and a natural leader. Everyone respected him and followed him without question."

Karliah on Gallus

Gallus Desidenius was an Imperial thief and Nightingale who was once the Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild in Riften.


Gallus, along with Mercer Frey and Karliah, was a member of the Nightingales. Sworn to protect the Shrine of Nocturnal, she blessed him with extraordinary skill. Gallus was in a romantic relationship with Karliah.

One night, Gallus was caught breaking into a laboratory owned by Enthir. Before he could call the guards, Gallus made a comment that intrigued Enthir. The two struck up a conversation, and eventually became dear friends. When asked why a scholarly man such as Gallus would turn to thievery, Enthir made a suggestion that Gallus always felt more comfortable breaking in through a window than he did bent over dusty tomes.

Unfortunately, Gallus met his end after being lured to a remote location by Mercer Frey, who then murdered him. Mercer dumped his body into a nearby crypt, and framed Karliah for the killing, who was forced to flee. However, Karliah was eventually able to reconnect with the Guild through the Dragonborn, after Mercer's betrayal of the Guild became known. She rejoined the Guild and worked with them to avenge Gallus.


Darkness ReturnsEdit

Gallus in Twilight Sepulcher

Gallus in Twilight Sepulcher.

In death, Gallus fulfills his contract with Nocturnal to protect the Twilight Sepulcher as a Nightingale spirit. The Dragonborn encounters Gallus while attempting to return the Skeleton Key. Gallus informs them that all of the Nightingales are losing their connection to Nocturnal, which has caused the remaining guards to become hostile. Gallus claims that he too, will soon lose his connection to Nocturnal if the Skeleton Key is not returned.

After the Skeleton Key has been placed in the Ebonmere, Gallus and Karliah are reunited, but briefly. Gallus tells Karliah that they will be together again when she is called to serve Nocturnal in her realm of Evergloam.


  • If he is pickpocketed, he has a pickaxe in his inventory.
  • If the Dragonborn attacks Gallus while in beast form, he will be sent flying across the room. This has no relevant effect other than making him engage them in a brawl. If very patient, Gallus' punches can be used to increase armor skill levels.
  • Gallus is Latin for rooster.
  • He is the author of the books The Nightingales Vol. 1 and The Nightingales Vol. 2.
  • Gallus was voiced by Craig Sechler.
  • It is likely that the lone skeleton in the final room of Snow Veil Sanctum (only viewable if the Dragonborn re-enters the Sanctum) is in fact Gallus, since his body was dumped into the ruins and the skeleton itself is below a skylight.


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