"Whatever you do, don't play cards with Galms Seles. He's a hustler just moved here from Vvardenfell. He thinks he can out-distance his reputation, but a friend in Sadrith Mora tipped me off. I wish he would leave. He's put a damper on the action."
Mitanne Limax[src]

Galms Seles is a Dunmer commoner who can be found in The Winged Guar in Mournhold's quarter Godsreach, where he plays a game of shells.


Galms Seles can be found at The Winged Guar, playing a game of shells. Talking about "latest rumors" to other guests, the Nerevarine finds out that he is hustling people and has done so in Sadrith Mora on Vvardenfell before he moved to Mournhold. By confronting him, he can be persuaded to play honestly.



As the Nerevarine stands in as bouncer on the orders of Hession, they should not only calm down the drunk, but also stop the illegal activities of Galms Seles. If they manage to make him play honestly, Hession doubles the reward.



Greeting "Hello there, [PC Race]. Up for a game of shells?"

game of shells "Shells, yes. I'll put this coin under one of these three mudcrab shell pieces I have here, and then mix them up. All you have to do is tell me where the coin is when I'm done, and you'll win double your money. What do you say?"
"No thanks. I don't gamble." "Too bad. Come back anytime. You might win big."
"Ok, count me in." OR "Ok, I'll play." "Okay, how much you want to wager? If you win, you get double your money back."
"100 gold." OR "500 gold." OR "1000 gold." (not having enough gold) "You don't have the money, [PC Race]. Come back when you do."
"100 gold." OR "500 gold." OR "1000 gold." (having enough gold) "Great, I'll take that from you. Okay, here goes. Keep your eye on the coin!"
"Continue" "Oh, too bad, [PC Race]. That's not the one. Sorry, better luck next time. Let me know if you want to play another game of shells."
OR: "Continue" "Wow, you got lucky this time [PC Race]. Here's your money. Let me know if you want to try your luck at another game of shells."
"You're going to have to stop, Galms. I know you're hustling people." "Damn! Who told you? C'mon, buddy, don't be too hard on me I was just trying to make a few extra gold. Look, if you let me stay, I promise I'll give everyone fair odds. I'm good for it. If anyone complains of me cheating, they can tell Hession and I'll be out of here in an instant. Thanks, [PC Name]. I owe you. If you want to play a game of shells, just let me know."


  • "Seles' the name, shells the game!"


  • The odds of winning a game of shells are 33%.