Galos Mathendis is a Dunmer enchanter in the Telvanni Council House in Sadrith Mora.


He will offer his enchanting services any time of day to any member of House Telvanni with a required rank of Oathman or above. Galos is also the Mouth for Master Aryon of House Telvanni, meaning he speaks and gives counsel to both visitors and Aryon himself.

Mercantile informationEdit

  • Once the Nerevarine is ranked high enough in the progression of House Telvanni, Galos seemingly steps down and continues his research, allowing for the Nerevarine to become the Mouth for Master Aryon.


Coded MessageEdit

Deliver an encoded message to Divayth Fyr in the settlement of Tel Fyr.

Cure BlightEdit

Deliver three Potions of Cure Blight to an alchemist in Tel Vos.

Daedra SkinEdit

Locate and deliver a sample of Daedra Skin to Master Aryon in Tel Vos.