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Galuro Belan is a Dunmer apothecary and member of House Telvanni. She resides in her shop in the Telvanni Canton.


An Apothecary SlanderedEdit

Galuro Belan produces leaflets to discredit her competitor Aurane Frernis.


Galuro uses or carries the following:


Galuro uses the following:


leaflet "I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about...what makes you think.... All right. I admit it. Business has been slow, though. And that Rernis gets a lot of the business around here. Tell you what: I'll pay you 100 drakes to keep this to yourself. What do you say?"

I'll keep your secret. "Excellent. I appreciate your help. Make sure you don't mention this, though. It could really cause problems for me."
I'll expose your lies. "No? This is going to ruin me! My reputation will be destroyed! I hope you're happy with yourself. You'll likely put me out of business."


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