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ExtravagantRightGlove MW
1.00 WeightIcon
Base Value:
16,000 GoldIcon
Additional Effects:
Drain Attribute: Endurance
Drain Attribute: Speed
Drain Attribute: Strength
Drain Attribute: Willpower
Fortify Attribute: Agility
Fortify Attribute: Intelligence
Fortify Attribute: Luck
Fortify Attribute: Personality
Type: Right Glove
FormID: extravagant_rt_art_wild
Main article: Clothing (Morrowind)
"Yes, I know it is a strange name, but all Sheogorath's creations have the touch of madness."
―Tholer Saryoni[src]

Gambolpuddy is a unique right glove. When used, it casts a powerful enchantment that temporarily modifies the wearer's primary attributes, increasing half while lowering the remainder. This glove is required to renew a pact preventing Sheogorath from tormenting the Dunmer with madness.


Enchantment ID: wildjack

The following effects are 15 to 30 points for 30 seconds on self:


Sheogorath of the House of TroublesEdit

Patriarch Tholer Saryoni of the Tribunal Temple requests that the Nerevarine travel to Ald Daedroth as part of the Pilgrimage of the Four Corners. This glove is hidden under a pillow in the southern room of the antechamber, and is required to activate a statue of Sheogorath at the inner shrine, while reciting Vivec's Four Corners to renew the pact. The glove is lost upon donating it to the shrine.


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