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Gandosa Arobar is a Dunmer noble. She resides in the Arobar Manor in Ald'ruhn and is the daughter of the House Redoran Councilor Miner Arobar.[1] Some intriguing objects most likely belonging to her can be found in a chest in her bedroom: The Boethiah's Pillow Book, an indecent work, and also two bottles of Skooma.


Naughty GandosaEdit

During this Thieves Guild quest, a client of the Thieves Guild wants to put dirt on the family of the Redoran Councilor Miner Arobar. They have found out that the Boethiah's Pillow Book might be in the possession of Gandosa Arobar and send the Nerevarine to steal it. The presence of this book in the councilor's home will be enough to harm the family's reputation.



  1. Journal entry during the quest "Naughty Gandosa"

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