"Ganredhel. I train dogs. And people. Prefer dogs. People. I teach them Advanced Acrobatics. Up and jump. Dogs, I teach them to bite people."

Ganredhel is a Bosmer who lives in southeast Cheydinhal across the plaza from the Great Chapel of Arkay. She seems to prefer dogs to people and is constantly surrounded by a small pack.

Ganredhel is a Journeyman Acrobatics trainer. She begins training early, shortly after 4 A.M., and continues until late into the evening.


Cheydinhal "You got your people and you got your dogs. Dogs are loyal and stupid. People are smart and devious. I'll stick with dogs."

Training (upon reaching level 70 Acrobatics) "If you require further training, you might consider venturing into the mountains in the north of Cyrodiil. Aerin's Camp, specifically. Aerin's a very gifted acrobat, and could teach you anything you needed to know."


  • If the Hero breaks into her house looking for training, her dogs will attack, but she will still offer training while her dogs are in the midst of attacking. So get in, train and get out, or wait outside until she comes out. If one enters her house without breaking in there should be no problem with her dogs.
  • She may be found in the chapel as well, almost always on Sundas.