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Gargoyle (Dawnguard)

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Basic Info
Level 13
Health-icon 240
MagickaIcon 0
Stamina 90
DamageIcon 35–52.5pts melee
Resistance 100% Resist Paralysis
100% Resist Poison
Loot Random Ore, Gems
Soul Size Lesser
Base ID xx017702
For other uses, see Gargoyle.
"Gargoyles are magical creatures that can form a stony skin when stationary, making it easy to mistake them for a statue. Their claws are able to absorb health from their victims."
Dawnguard loading screen

Gargoyles are creatures that appear in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. They are allied with vampires, and are typically encountered disguised as what look like regular stone statues.


Approaching certain statues will cause the dormant gargoyle to awaken. During combat, their claw attacks absorb health from the opponent.

Summon Gargoyle, a perk available on the Vampire Lord skill tree, allows the Dragonborn to summon one as an ally.

Gargoyles will drop leveled gemstones and ores, so they're a good source of income since they can provide rare materials and ore needed for crafting jewelry.

Hit-and-run tactics and ranged combat both appear to work well, because gargoyles do not regenerate health, but can regain it when in a melee fight.





  • The gargoyle will burst out from a nearby statue even if the Dragonborn is in sneak mode.
  • If the area is revisited, the statue will still explode as if a gargoyle was bursting out of them, but the gargoyle won't respawn.
  • While gargoyles are immune to damage before they "activate", Soultrap spells and weapons will still take effect, causing even still inactive gargoyles to visibly glow, allowing the Dragonborn to tell them apart from plain statues.


  • Sometimes when a two-handed finishing move occurs on one, the Dragonborn may fall through the floor.
  • Sometimes, while the gargoyle is still pretending to be a statue, the statue will seem to be doubled. this can allow for easier detection of which statue is a gargoyle, and which is just a statue. (needs additional confirmation.)
  • Sometimes two gargoyle brutes will be traveling in the wilderness. Once killed, they will sometimes run in place. However, they count as dead, and so their bodies can be looted. To fix this, using the Unrelenting Force shout will knock their bodies over.
  • After killing a gargoyle of any type, going through a loading screen door and then back into the room the player killed the gargoyle, its body will no longer be a ragdoll, but a gargoyle lying sideways on the floor with its model making it look like it is still alive.  It can be searched though.



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