Garments by Odei is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. A tailor tried to take a shortcut through Cambray Pass and was attacked by a pack of Wolves. He lost the tools of his trade as he fled. He asked the Vestige to retrieve his possessions and meet him at the northern end of the pass.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Collect the Sewing Box
  2. Collect a Pack of Silk Threads
  3. Collect Tailor's book of Patterns
  4. Meet Odei at the North End of the Pass
  5. Talk to the Lion Guard Soldier
  6. Complete the quest


Near the southern end of Cambray Pass, a frightened man is standing. He explains that he was taking a shortcut through the pass but was attacked by wolves. When he ran for his life he lost all the necessary equipment he needed to open his shop in Daggerfall. He needs help to retrieve his possessions.

Head into the pass and kill the wolves that come in the way. The three items are in three locations. Follow the markers to find them. After they have been collected, head for the northern end of the pass. Odei is nowhere to be found but a Lion Guard soldier is standing near. Talk to her and she asks if they have seen a frightened tailor anywhere. Odei is her husband and she really wants to find him. Tell her what happened and she'll be very pleased when she hears her husband is safe. He is the kindest man, but as helpless as a kitten.

He explains he took the long way round as there are wolves in the pass and that he will be here shortly. She thanks the Vestige for helping him and rewards them with Odei's Stylish Epauliers and some GoldIcon.