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Garrus Darelliun is an Imperial Guard Captain in Cheydinhal, and was second-in-command to Ulrich Leland. If Ulrich gets arrested or killed then he will become the captain of the Cheydinhal Guard


Corruption and ConscienceEdit

After asking around in Cheydinhal, the Hero will discover that the Captain of the Guard Ulrich Leland has been imposing excessive and inappropriate fines all over town. One of the citizens, Llevana Nedaren, is upset and plans do something about it.

A Brotherhood BetrayedEdit

A 'vampire hunter' named Raynil Dralas moves to Bruma and kills a townsman accused of being a vampire. His wife, Erline Lirrian, is distraught, claiming he was innocent and that the Hero must get to the bottom of the situation.


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