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Garuk Windrime

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Garuk Windrime
Garuk Windrime
Basic Info
Race Nord
Level Radiant (1-25)
Class Bandit
Health-icon 35-489
MagickaIcon 25
Stamina 70-246
Loot Ectoplasm
Base ID xx037fe3

Garuk Windrime is an enemy found in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.



He can be encountered deep within Gyldenhul Barrow at the conclusion of the quest Deathbrand. He is summoned by the ghost of Haknir Death-Brand to aid him during battle.


Garuk uses archery as his main form of combat.

He is treated as a living being as opposed to undead, making him immune to spells like Vampire's Bane, but weak to poison.

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