TESV Gate To Cyrodiil

A Gate to Cyrodiil near Southfringe Sanctum.

Gate to Cyrodiil-riften hold

A Gate to Cyrodiil found in The Rift.

The Gates to Cyrodiil are unmarked locations in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They border on the areas impassible by normal means and are found on the southern side of Skyrim. Generally the gates are relatively bare. There are no guards, people or anything else of note at these locations.

There are two gates to Cyrodiil and one to Hammerfell around the border of Skyrim. Two are found in the Falkreath Hold, with the other in The Rift.


  • One gate is found in The Rift, southeast of the Black-Briar Lodge.
  • Between these two gates is yet one more gate; located in the southernmost point in Skyrim, due west from Southfringe Sanctum. On the map obtained in the limited edition of the game, this is known as Pale Pass. This one is different as the gates are closed and locked.


  • Due to the proximity of the Pale Pass gate to Helgen, and that this is the same road traveled on at the start of the game, this is likely the location of the Imperial ambush that the Dragonborn is caught in attempting to cross Skyrim's border.

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