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Gathering Corkbulb Root is one of the Lay Healer quests from Synnolian Tunifus in Ebonheart. As the title suggests, the aim is to gather Corkbulb Root.


  1. Speak to Synnolian Tunifus in Ebonheart.
  2. Travel to Arvel Plantation.
  3. Gather 5 Corkbulb Root.
  4. Return to Synnolian.


Rewards for completing this quests are:

  1. Potion of Cure Common Disease.
  2. Standard Restore Health Potion.
  3. Swimmer's Blessing.


Journal Entry
Synnolian Tunifus needs five units of corkbulb root for cure common disease and restore health potions. The Imperial Cult has an agreement with the Ascadian Isles plantation owners that permits us to gather corkbulb, so that's a good place to look. Since I have to cross water, he taught me a little spell.
  • Quest accepted
I delivered five units of corkbulb root to Synnolian Tunifus. He gave me a cure common disease potion and a restore health potion as a reward.
  • Quest completed
I told Synnolian Tunifus I would not be able to bring him the five units of corkbulb root he asked for. He was disappointed, and told me to take a day to reflect on my shortcomings, and attempt to amend them before I approach him again for a lay healer mission.
  • Quest failed