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Gathering Marshmerrow is the first Lay Healer quest from Synnolian Tunifus in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


As the title suggests, the aim is to gather Marshmerrow for Synnolian Tunifus in Ebonheart.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Synnolian Tunifus in Ebonheart, who suggests speaking with Balur Salvu, and gives a Quality Fortify Strength Potion.
  2. (Optional) - Speak to Balur Salvu in the Ascadian Isles, to receive Marshmerrow.
  3. Give Balur the potion as a gift, and receive the book The Cake and the Diamond, as well as the 5 Marshmerrow.
  4. Return to Synnolian to complete the quest.


Rewards for completing these quests are:

  1. Standard Restore Health Potion.
  2. Apprentice's Mortar and Pestle.
  3. If Balur is visited, The Cake and the Diamond, an Alchemy skill book.

If the quest fails, the Nerevarine has to wait one day until they can accept the next Lay Healer quest.


Journal Entry
Synnolian Tunifus needs five units of Marshmerrow for restore health potions. Balur Salvu, a farmer near Pelagiad, grows marshmerrow. If I bring him this quality fortify strength potion as a gift, he'll tell me where to pick the marshmerrow. His farmhouse is south of Pelagiad, north of the road, west of the first bridge south of Pelagiad. When I have the marshmerrow, deliver them to Synnolian Tunifus.
  • Quest accepted
I delivered five unite of marshmerrow to Synnolian Tunifus. He gave me a restore health potion and mortal and pestle as reward.
  • Quest completed
I told Synnolian Tunifus I would not be able to deliver the five units of marshmerrow he asked for. He was disappointed, and told me to take a day to reflect on my shortcomings, and attempt to amend them before I approach him again for a lay healer mission.
  • Quest failed