"What are you—? No! I can't leave. Not yet! I tried to follow the foreman. I did! But it won't let me. Not until everything is as it should be. Not until everything is perfect!"
―Gauldur Berard[src]

Gauldur Berard is a Nord residing in Gnisis on Vvardenfell. He used to be a worker at the Gnisis Egg Mine, but has since been caught by the disturbance in the depths of the mine.


Slow down. The song is doing this to you? "Yes! Yes, the song. You've heard it. I can tell. It should be quiet. It isn't ready. It isn't perfect. But someone interfered. The ground shook and... the meddling! They broke it! They ruined it!"

So a person is responsible for this? "Yes! But not one of us. No, it's a tinkerer. A meddler! Poking around and breaking things. Soiling them! He has to be punished. Yes! The song has to be pure. Has to be perfect! If not, the consequences... oh, the consequences!"
Try to stay calm. I'll find this meddler.

"Did you hear that? No? Must be the wind."

What sound? "That device in the mine was silenced, but I can still feel its song."
We stopped the song. You're safe. "That's what they tell me. Simply a case of frayed nerves ringing ears. The healers say it will pass. I swear, though. Sometimes I can still hear a tune."


A Melodic MistakeEdit

During the Vestige's endeavor into the mine, he finds Gauldur, and attempts to gain information from him.