"Drin? He's the head priest over at the temple. A powerful man, and has the ear of Almalexia."
―Citizen of Mournhold[src]

Gavas Drin is a Dunmer priest who may be found in the Office of the Lord Archcanon in Mournhold's Temple. He is a Patriarch and thus the Archcanon of the Tribunal Temple in Mournhold.


Being archcanon in the Temple city of Mournhold, Gavas Drin is a very important and powerful person. But the authority of the Temple within the city is challenged by the arrival of the new King, King Helseth. Unlike his predecessors, King Helseth knows how to use his power.[1] The knig has also introduced a new group of armed soldiers, his personal Royal Guard, which enforce the law within Mournhold, a task which previously fell exclusively to a military wing of the Temple, the High Ordinators.

It is thus not surprising, that archcanon Gavas Drin speaks ill of King Helseth and his Royal Guard, which is also a popular feeling among the citizens.[2] Gavas also disapproves with the much loved Barenziah, Helseth's mother, stating that, all the love and admiration from the people, which Barenziah enjoys, rivals the exclusive position of the Tribunal goddess Almalexia residing inside Mournhold Temple. Barenziah's popularity and Helseth's power has made them enemies to the Temple's - and Gavas Drin's - hegemony.

Spells and AbilitiesEdit

Gavas has the following spells and Abilities:





Almalexia "The Most Blessed Lady Almalexia guides and protects us all. We bask in her glory and are glad."

Barenziah "I've not had the pleasure of her company, myself. Perhaps I'm one of the few. I'll say this: she's much loved by the people of the city. They should remember who truly deserves their love and admiration. All praise to our Lady of Mercy."

Fedris Hler "Fedris Hler is the Lady Almalexia's Steward. You may find him in his office in the Temple Reception area."

Fedris Hler (if he is dead) "Fedris Hler has been found dead! This is a very sad time for us here at the Temple. But, by the Grace of Our Lady, we will find the culprit."

Gavas Drin "I am the Lord Archcanon Gavas Drin. The grace of the Lady be with you."

Helseth "Helseth is Morrowind's new king, replacing his recently deceased great-uncle, Athyn Llethan. This child king is a fool, raised by Imperials, educated by Altmer. He knows nothing of the Dunmer people. Have you seen his ears? He had them cropped to look more Imperial! He is a fool, and a dangerous one."

Helseth (if he is dead) "So, the young king is dead. I'm sure there will be another to replace him soon."

High Ordinators "The High Ordinators keep the peace here in Mournhold. Only the finest and most devout are chosen to be of their ranks."

Royal Guard "Young King Helseth's handpicked thugs. Ridiculous that they are allowed to dispense justice in the Lady's city. The High Ordinators do a fine job of keeping the peace around here."

Sotha Sil "The Lord Sotha Sil is one of the Blessed Tribunal. He is a mighty wizard, and is a source of inspiration for us all." OR "The Lord Sotha Sil is a great mage and a member of the Blessed Tribunal. He lives in his Clockwork City, and is rarely seen in Morrowind."

Talen Vandas "Oh, I knew young Talen. He was a fine young man. And King Llethan loved him like a son. I wonder if the truth about his death will ever be discovered."

Tienius Delitian "The soldier? I have little use for him. He is concerned only with the physical: how sharp is his blade, how polished his breastplate. True strength comes from within, by the mercy of our Lady."

Tienius Delitian (if he is dead) "I heard Captain Delitian had been murdered. Such is the way of soldiers."


  • "Our Lady's blessings upon you, faithful servant."
  • "Grace and mercy upon you, in Her Name, sera."
  • "The city is under attack? Tell Hler! Alert the Ordinators! Protect the Temple!"
  • "Yes, this weather is odd, but trust in the Lady. All will be well."



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