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Gavaudon is a kingdom/fiefdom located in Stormhaven, High Rock along the Iliac Bay. The ruling capital of the entire region is Gavaudon City. The regional deity is Zenithar.[1]


Gavaudon is the easternmost region in High Rock along the Iliac Bay. The region is bordered by Wayrest to the west and the Wrothgarian Mountains to the north. After an event known as the Warp in the West, Gavaudon was annexed back into the Wayrest Kingdom. In the western reach of Gavaudon, there is a river with a island including Wind Keep. To the east is a large monument known as the Weeping Giant. Gavaudon is known to provide rich alluvial soil to the Bjoulsae River.[2]


Second EraEdit

Main article: Gavaudon (Online)

During the Alliance War, a group of Daedric worshippers known as the Supernal Dreamers have sprung up around the Stormhaven region. Many different figures throughout the realm like Sir Hughes and Count Hosni at-Tura have suffered nightmares and manipulation from the Dreamers and Vaermina. The escarpment known as Shinji's Scarp was taken by the local Ogres from the Murtag Clan. The Vestige intervened and recaptured Shinji's Scarp from the Ogres by destroying the mines. General Godrun was affected by Vaermina's dreams. The Omen of Betrayal tried to manipulate Godrun into invading Wayrest. The Vestige ventured into his dream and defeated the Omen.[3]

Third EraEdit

Main article: Gavaudon (Daggerfall)

During the Warp in the West, Gavaudon became an independent kingdom along the Iliac Bay. Afterwards, Gavaudon was annexed into the Wayrest Kingdom.

Notable LocationsEdit


By GameEdit



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