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Geilir the Mumbling is a Nord seer who lives in his dwelling in the Isinfier Plains on the island of Solstheim.


Geilir lost his family during a shipwreck. Since then his only "friend" was Oddfrid. With the help of Oddfrid, Geilir is able to foretell the future.


The Sad SeerEdit

Geilir asks the Nerevarine to help his friend Oddfrid, who has been kidnapped by a Draugr.

The Cursed CaptainEdit

The Nerevarine must help a captain, who has fallen to the curse that Geilir conjured.

Abilities, powers and spellsEdit

The following are Geilir's powers, abilities and spells:





The following items of clothing are worn by Geilir:


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