"Welcome to the Retching Netch cornerclub, home of the finest sujamma that will ever grace your lips"
―Geldis Sadri[src]

Geldis Sadri is the Dunmeri landlord of The Retching Netch cornerclub in Raven Rock. He sells food and drink, including Ashfire Mead, rents rooms for ten GoldIcon and, like bartenders elsewhere, is a good source of rumors.


Feeding the AddictionEdit

Persuade, intimidate, or bribe Sadri to allow Bralsa Drel back into The Retching Netch, after he banned her, not being able to "see the poor girl drink away her last coins any more."

It's All In The TasteEdit

If spoken to, he will give the Dragonborn ten of Sadri's Sujamma, a special drink he says he has perfected. He asks that the sujamma be offered to the people of Solstheim. Many, including members of the Redoran Guard, will reject the sujamma. The Dragonborn can drink the sujamma from the inventory or store it.

Served ColdEdit

Sadri assists the Dragonborn in finding members of the Ulen family present in Raven Rock. Sadri has no involvement in the quest after this.

The Frostmoon HuntersEdit

The Redoran Guard have spotted a pack of werewolves in the mountains. The hunters up at Frostmoon Crag might know more.


This miscellaneous quest begins when Sadri tells the Dragonborn about Ralis Sedarys.


  • His story of how the Retching Netch got its name is similar to a story told in the movie Twister.
  • It is not known if he is related to Revyn SadriIdesa Sadri (both of whom live in Windhelm), and Feran Sadri.


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  • Sometimes the speech option to buy from him is absent, even though he talks of selling drinks.
    • This seems to happen after normal business hours (8am-8pm). The solution is to leave and wait until 8am before trying again.


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