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General Bathes-In-Blood is an Argonian high-ranking member of the Ebonheart Pact found at the Southern Morrowind Gate.


General Bathes-In-Blood: "Drown in the river, Breton. I never agreed to this."
General Cassel: "Back up, lizard. Your breath offends me. And you most certainly did agree to this."
General Bathes-In-Blood: "No! I've been in close contact with the Hidden Armigers. They were angling for a kill on that Cariel wench."
General Cassel: "This is what I'm saying. You agreed to the documents in exchange for her location. The Ring of Daggers had what you wanted."
Krin Ren-dro: "Enough talk of spy networks. We'll talk about this again tonight."

General Cassel: "How do you explain this, lizard? We had a deal."
Krin Ren-dro: "Yes, Argonian. I recall the details of the deal quite clearly."
General Cassel: "And the loss of a hundred troops was not in the deal!"
General Bathes-In-Blood: "Pah, you are both overreacting. What do you care for front-line soldiers? You both received your shipments."
Krin Ren-dro: "This kind of attack draws attention, lizard. Play us like this again, and you'll learn that cats have sharper claws by far."


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