"I extend the claw of welcome, warrior."
―General Dar-Liurz[src]

General Dar-Liurz is an Argonian general in the Northern Morrowind Gate.


Dar-Liurz rewards the Vestige after completing quests to kill enemy players and scouting missions on enemy keeps and resources, obtained from the two quest boards flanking her.

Dialogue during the "Reporting for Duty" quest:

I extend the claw of welcome, warrior.
Grand Warlord Zimmeron told me to report to you.
The Grand Warlord has much on his mind; be grateful for a few minutes of his time. To me come Grand Warlord Zimmeron's orders. These I post to the boards that flank me. Which should we discuss?
Tell me about Bounty missions.
Even the newly hatched can understand Bounty missions. The task is to kill enemy soldiers. All that lives must die; these missions seek to hasten that day for our enemies.
I'd like to hear about Scouting missions.
Information is critical to our efforts. A Scouting mission sends you to a target deep in enemy territory. The swamp eel sees but is not seen. Be the swamp eel. Then return here.
Are there other types of missions?
General Jeggord supervises the other missions. Speak with him to learn about them. He glares at us from across the way. Do not be shy -Jeggord hisses loudly but seldom bites.
I'll go speak with him.