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"First we lost Camlorn. Then they turned back on our offensive. If we can't retake this camp, Faolchu's beaten us. Nothing else matters until this is resolved."
―General Gautier[src]

General Gautier is a Breton general in the Lion Guard, residing in Glenumbra. He'll be waiting near outside their camp near Camlorn for the Vestige.


Retaking CamlornEdit

The Vestige returned from the past with the knowledge needed to defeat Faolchu. Fire weakens him and makes him vulnerable.

Rally CryEdit

The City of Camlorn has fallen to Faolchu and his werewolf legion. The Lion Guard struggles to retake the city, but the odds are against them.

A Lingering HopeEdit

General Gautier believes his son Darien, the captain of the Camlorn Guard is still alive inside the city. He hopes to use Darien's master key to unlock the Camlorn gates. Then the Lion Guard can surround Faolchu's werewolves and retake the city.



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