Geril Randoro is a Dunmer spirit of House Dres found in the House Dres Crypts located beneath Kragenmoor.


This One's a ClassicEdit


  • "Before the Three, as is my right and my duty, I greet you at the eldest of the brothers Randoro"
    • (I need to ask you about a performance you once did) "No one has asked about the sacred performance in a long while, n'wah. You dare brave the wrath of the Mirthless Order? Would you risk death to learn my secret knowledge?"
  • (Its not for me, its for a friend) "Very well. The first part of the performance goes like this:

"One day, in full view of the n'wah, the mehra of the Koal canton..."

  • (Keep going, I'm just going to write this down) ""... and so he crushed some muckspungae pulp into a Netch's tentacles." There. Go, and bother me no longer."
  • (Is there anything else i should know?) "By my sacred oath, that is the only portion of the performance I am allowed to impart. Seek more knowledge in the mora, where the Bittergreen grows thick among the bal."
  • (What was that you said about risking death?) "Performance of the sacred rite requires exact preparation. True humor must be taken seriously, so an improper performane demands death. Those who fail find themselves facedown in the Hackle-Lo."
  • (I can barely understand what you're saying) "Well have a snifter of Greef then, muthsera s'wit. Just know that Kragenmoor is the ancient home of the Mirthless Order. If your friend performs th rite improperly he will be slain"
  • The Elder Scrolls Online