"I spend every waking moment making sure the mine is put to good use."
―Gestur Rockbreaker[src]


Gestur Rockbreaker is a Nord miner and resident of Stonehills, a small mining encampment. He works in the nearby Rockwallow Mine.


Mine OreEdit

Gestur will buy all the iron ore in the Dragonborn's inventory. This will count toward the favors needed to earn the title of Thane of Hjaalmarch.



Gestur: "Let's make sure we're just as productive this month as we were last. If Bryling's happy, we're happy."
Swanhvir: "Yes sir, of course."
Gestur: "All right. Keep up the good work."

Hard WorkEdit

Gestur: "Is everything well with you, my scaly friend?"
Teeba-Ei: "Teeba-Ei is cold, but Teeba-Ei works hard as always."
Gestur: "Yes, well... That's all we ask of you. Carry on."
Teeba-Ei: "Yes sir."

Checking on JesperEdit

Gestur: "Everything well, Jesper?"
Jesper: "Yes sir, fine sir."
Gestur: "Good, good. Keep up the hard work. It'll all pay off."


  • "If you're here about the mine -- it's already got an owner, and she's not selling. If not, then please stay out of my workers' way."
  • "Bryling owns this mine. I wouldn't have much to live for if she hadn't offered me a job."
  • "I spend every waking moment making sure the mine is put to good use."
  • "My job is my life. Whatever happened before doesn't matter."
  • "You get used to the cold after a while. The harder you work, the warmer you stay."


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