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Race Orsimer
Gender Female
Level 6
Class Orc Warrior
Faction Tribal Orcs
Rank Miner
Ref ID 000C78C3
Base ID 000C78C2
"Malacath has given me the task to mine. Good ore brings strength to our people."

Ghak is an Orsimer miner working at the Dushnikh Mine, within the Orc Stronghold of Dushnikh Yal located in The Reach.


Ghak believes that mining good ore brings strength to her people. Ghak also believes that Malacath has given her the task to mine, and even though mining is hard work, Malacath rewards those who are willing to rise to the challenge. Ghak doesn't like to waste time as she says to the Dragonborn to get out of the mine if they aren't there to dig.


  • "Every Orc learns the heavy labor of mining. All spend years in caves."
  • "I have metal to dig."
  • "The mines are hard, but Malacath rewards those who rise to the challenge."
  • "I'm here to mine, outlander. So unless you want to dig, get out."


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