Gharol is an Orsimer blacksmith residing in the stronghold of Dushnikh Yal.


She is the wife of Chief Burguk, along with Arob and Shel. She maintains the title of Forge-Wife for the stronghold, and is in charge of providing weapons and armor for the settlement. Her son, Umurn, is her apprentice, and they are typically found working together in the small workshop outside the stronghold's mine during waking hours.

As a blacksmith, she offers random weapons and armor for sale, having a base of 400 GoldIcon. She also purchases any ore taken from the local mine at full price.


Gharol's MessageEdit

When asked if she sells weaponry to the other settlements, a miscellaneous quest will initiate the delivery of a sword to her daughter Lash in Karthwasten, who decided to leave the stronghold.

She is also an expert-level heavy armor trainer.