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Ghorak Manor is a manor in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


The Manor itself is located in Caldera. It is occupied by five Orcs and the Creeper, a non-hostile scamp with 5,000 GoldIcon, who buys and sells items at base cost. It is three stories tall, with two Orcs on the first floor, two more and Creeper on the second floor, and on the top floor is Duma gro-Lag, a sculptor involved in Boethiah's Quest. There is a partial set of Orcish Armor in the crate next to him (random). There is plenty of storage area in the house.

Notable itemsEdit



  • All the Orcs have an Alarm value of zero, so they will not report crimes, and the Nerevarine can steal all they want.


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