"Find the hunt-wife and her daughter. And kill as many of those... things... as you can. But the Elf? Save the Elf for me."

Ghorn is an Orsimer who can be found injured in the Graystone Quarry Depths. Ghorn is a member of the Tumnosh Clan.


Quarry ConundrumEdit

Ghorn can be first found inside the Graystone Quarry Depths near the very entrance. He is hurt, but not in immediate danger. After Vestige finds Ghorn, he explains that he was a part of search and rescue party together with Chief Ramash and Hunt-Wife Bolgar, but was ambushed in the thick fog and darkness. According to Ghorn, Bolgar must still be deeper in the caverns.

After Vestige finds Neramo and deactivates the outer defenses of Mzindyne, Ghorn can be found outside in the Graystone Quarry, waiting for Vestige and the Elf, Eager to take revenge on the Altmer scholar, who caused the disaster.


Show: Quarry Conundrum

"What are you doing down here? Don't you know that Graystone Quarry is a disaster area?"

I'm here to find out what happened. "What happened? The High Elf, that's what happened." "Things were fine for awhile. Rock flowed out of the quarry at a record pace. But then we broke into a cavity and the Elf insisted on exploring it. That's when the fog began to roll out of the hole."

Tell me about this fog "It was ... fog. Thick as stew, it was. Chief Ramash and hunt-wife Bolgar decided to enter the quarry and find out what happened to the Elf and the workers. We went with them. Worst decision I ever made."
What happened to the chief? "We entered the fog, but we weren't alone in there. There were ... shadows ... things in the fog. We were attacked. I saw the chief run out, covered in blood. Bolgar's still down there. Looking for her daughter. Last we knew, she was with the Elf."
I'll find them. "Find the hunt-wife and her daughter. And kill as many of those ... things ... as you can. But the Elf? Save the Elf for me."
Tell me about the things that attacked you. "Like I said, it was dark, foggy. Couldn't make out anything except shapes ... shadows ... in the fog. Even though I couldn't see them clearly, I could hear them. Clanging around, skittering on sharp claws. And they moved fast, like lighting."
Any idea where the fog comes from? "We just entered the cavity when I noticed the strange pipes on the walls. If I had to guess, it was the steam coming out of those pipes that created the fog. Made it impossible for us to see, let alone fight. Those things had no trouble, though."

After Vestige comes out of the Graystone Quarry Depths:

"I'm not sure what you did down there, but I'm glad to see that Bolgar and Shabon are alive and well. Too bad Mulur didn't make it, though."

After Neramo comes out of the Graystone Quarry Depths:

"I knew that Elf was up to no good. I just knew it!"