Not to be confused with Casnar at-Tarin.
"I was Casnar, loyal Blade of Emperor Tiber Septim. I do not know how long I have been dead. It feels like an eternity."

Ghost of Casnar quote

Casnar is the Ghost of a Redguard Blade who can be found inside Sancre Tor. He, along with Alain, Valdemar, and Rielus, are trapped inside the prison section.

His skeleton wields Mishaxhi's Cleaver.


Blood of the DivinesEdit

Martin tells the Hero that he has deciphered the next part of the Mysterium Xarxes. He claims that he needs the sacred blood of one of the divines, manifested in the ancient armor of Sancre Tor in order to fulfill his mission.


Blood of the DivinesEdit

"Have you seen Alain or Valdemar? Rielus fell in the lower chamber. We were seperated ... the fog blinded us ... No ... that was the dream. I am awake now. I must fulfill my oath to the Emperor before I can finally rest."
(After the curse is lifted)
"We have fulfilled our last duty. We go now to Aetherius without shame. Farewell."