For the quest, see The Ghost of Old Hroldan.
"Hjalti? I've never heard of anyone named Hjalti. Tiber Septim had many names. Maybe that's one of them?"


Ghost of Old Hroldan is a Nord ghost who has been haunting Old Hroldan Inn. He has been waiting for "Hjalti" to bring his sword, so that they can be sworn as brothers.


The Ghost of Old HroldanEdit

Upon arriving at the Inn the first time, Old Hroldan will not be there. He spawns only after sleeping in Tiber Septim's room. After resting in the room, and upon waking, a scream followed by a summoning sound will be heard. This sound means he has spawned in the Inn.

While Eydis is startled by his appearance, talking to him will have him confuse the Dragonborn with his fellow soldier Hjalti. He requests that the Dragonborn deliver Hjalti's Sword to him so that they may be sworn in as brothers. Talking to Eydis will provide the location of the sword.

Upon returning he thanks the Dragonborn, and reteaches some skills (One-Handed and Block) that "Hjalti" may have forgotten, and then disappears.


  • Hjalti is actually one of Tiber Septim's names, whom the ghost fought with while taking The Reach from the Bretons.


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  • The ghost sometimes sits on an invisible chair.
  • When doing the quest sometimes there are two Hjalti swords.