Ghost of Perennia Draconis is an undead creature in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The ghost can only be found once Perennia Draconis's tombstone at Applewatch has been activated after the completion of the quest "Next of Kin."


Next of KinEdit

The Hero has received new orders from Lucien Lachance. Every member of the Draconis family must be killed; Perennia Draconis, Matthias Draconis, Andreas Draconis, Sibylla Draconis and Caelia Draconis. Knowing the location of only the family matron, Perennia Draconis, who can be found on the farm known as Applewatch. The Hero must head to Applewatch and find out as much information as possible on the locations of the other family members, and then systematically kill them all.